Software Development

Starfisk helps you with the development and expansion of your software product. Whether it concerns applications for internal business processes, or a tailor-made application for an end customer, each program receives the right integration with the most accurate features.

In the support and delivery of high-quality & user-friendly software, Starfisk uses DevOps. The term 'DevOps' stands for a harmonious integration between the developments (Dev) on the one hand and the Operations (Ops) on the other. DevOps as a whole supports your business activities.

It is about the integrated action where the provider and customer, the processes and technologies are united with each other. This with the aim of continuously offering value for each customer.

In addition to the bundled activities, Starfisk also uses SaaS solutions whereby everything is managed by a provider and the customer can access the specific software via a browser or mobile device.

Thanks to the expertise of the Starfisk team, many processes have been automated, which means less time for coding and more time for custom platform building.

Available experts

  1. Back-End Engineer

    Developing server applications in Java, .NET and Node.js. Managing databases in MySQL and Postgres. Asynchronous communication with RabbitMQ and WebSockets.
  2. Front-End Engineer

    Developing web applications and apps in Vue, Angular and React, both in JavaScript and TypeScript. With thorough knowledge of (Less/Sass) CSS and frameworks such as Tailwind and Bootstrap.
  3. Software Analyst

    Convert functional specifications into technical tasks. Design software architecture with (UML) schemes. Make labor estimates and analyze project feasibility.
  4. UI / UX Designer

    Designing user interfaces with Adobe XD and Figma. Optimizing user experience of existing software. Create interactive prototypes to support developers and new investors.

Benefits of working with Starfisk

  • - Use of SaaS solutions
  • - High development speed
  • - Digital customization
  • - An expert team that develops and implements the entire front- and back-end
  • - Quick fix bugs and bring new features online
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Kurt Callewaert, Lecturer @ Howest

We can now turn our research into practical solutions

—Kurt Callewaert, Lecturer @ Howest
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