Platform economy

Starfisk is a pioneer in developing digital all-in-one platforms. From implementing the payment system, to prepaid transactions and recurring payments, everything can be brought under one platform.

To achieve faster go-to-market, you can rely on one of the many partner integrations. These are building blocks that contain a series of pre-made functionality such as Mollie for online payments, Enhansa for complex transactions and Redstart for managing your products. Starfisk helps you integrate it flawlessly into your own platform, while preserving your corporate identity.

Your own apps and API marketplace

If you already have your own software or APIs, Starfisk can help you commercialize them. In the form of an app and API marketplace, you sell access to your software, app extensions and API data in the form of one-time or recurring payments. Thanks to an architecture of microservices , all services can be managed modularly and independently of each other. With this you can easily add new functionality or scale up the capacity according to your sales.

After all, Starfisk has extensive experience in managing Identity Management solutions. This allows you to offer your software to single users as well as to a company. The Starfisk team will work with you to find the ideal business models to make your software and data profitable.

Enhansa Marketplace

Available expertise

  1. Enhansa integratie

    Integrate with Enhansa to enable online wallets, complex payments, identity management and new business models.
  2. Mollie integratie

    Integrate with Mollie to allow online payments via Bancontact, credit card and even via bank transfer.
  3. Platform analyze

    Market research and analysis of existing platform providers and SaaS tools to find your ideal growth path.
  4. Redstart integratie

    Integrate with Redstart to offer your own white label CRM and delivery management.

Benefits of working with Starfisk

  • - Faster time to market and reduction of unnecessary expensive links in the chain.
  • - High development speed
  • - Cost reduction through customization and sustainable partnerships
  • - Strong expertise and specialized technologies
  • - A new innovative approach
  • - Simplification of accounting and financial administration
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