Digital developments never stand still. The landscape continues to evolve with its associated risks and opportunities. Starfisk keeps its finger on the pulse with its leading role in the development of digital platforms. With a team of experienced experts they guide your company in your digital transformation. They put results first, with care for feasibility and scalability. Starfisk also acts as a networker: together with you they search for new markets throughout Europe, relying on their network of both regional and foreign partners. Starfisk ensures that your company maintains and strengthens its market position, with financial growth as the inevitable result.

Available expertise

  1. Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence improves existing business processes and creates new insights.
  2. Big Data

    Companies that process a large amount of data can rely on Big Data analysis. New strategic decisions can be made based on the results obtained.
  3. Blockchain

    With Blockchain, your enterprise enters the world of cryptocurrencies, smart digital contracts and decentralized information storage.
  4. Machine Learning

    Use machine-driven learning processes to process data and gain new insights.
  5. Onderzoek

    Launch a research project in collaboration with other partners in your field and national educational institutions.
  6. Proof-of-Concept

    Save money and time by making a feasibility study with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Launch a workable product in weeks instead of months.
  7. SEO

    With Search Engine Optimization you ensure that your company can be optimally found by Google and other search engines.
  8. Security

    Secure your infrastructure and data by relying on ethical hackers and penetration testers. Obtain a security certificate and fine-tune your privacy and GDPR policy.
In association with: Howest

Benefits of working with Starfisk

  • - Decades of experience within the software industry and business development
  • - Team with senior programmers and executives
  • - Own network of European partners
  • - Result-oriented work with the necessary depth in people and figures
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Kurt Callewaert, Lecturer @ Howest

We can now turn our research into practical solutions

—Kurt Callewaert, Lecturer @ Howest
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