Finding the right software developers and IT experts is not easy. With the Starfisk team, your company draws on decades of experience within the fields of software, cloud and platform economics.

All Starfisk team members have the necessary experience and a portfolio of successful projects. They work at a high development speed, supported by rock-solid DevOps and SaaS tools. They have thorough technical knowledge, but also have the necessary soft skills to tackle your projects both independently and in a team.

After an initial acquaintance and planning phase, we investigate your technical needs. You choose which expertise you bring in-house and for what duration. With the Starfisk FixFlex formula you can plan your desired capacity per quarter at an advantageous rate (Fix). And thanks to the Flexsystem, you can quickly respond to changing market conditions and add capacity at any time.


  1. 1


    Through a no-obligation conversation, we map out the technical requirements for your project together.
  2. 2


    You choose your desired experts and the period during which they will strengthen your company.
  3. 3

    Fix rate

    The capacity is scheduled in advance for one quarter at an advantageous Fix rate. Our experts are getting started.
  4. 4

    Flex rate

    If you require additional capacity, you can obtain this at any time via the Flex rate. This can also be done for a shorter period of time.

Available experts per category

Starfisk is registered as a service provider for the KMO Portefeuille.

The KMO Portefeuille is a measure through which you - as a Flemish entrepreneur - receive financial support to purchase services that improve the quality of your business. Specifically, these are training and consultancy services.

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